Timeshare is the sharing of time of a child between parents. It is the periods of time that the child is with each parent, whether the parent has custody or visitation.

There are no fixed rules for timeshare. It is family-dependent.

Either by agreement or court adjudication, the parties will often have a timeshare schedule. The parties may agree to deviate from the schedule. Some parents are able to communicate adequately such that a specific schedule is not best for their family and timeshare is decided as the days and nights roll on.

Timeshare orders may be modified from time to time as necessary to keep up with changes in the family’s life and needs. Whether this is done by agreement, stipulated order, or, after a court hearing, timeshare orders are never non-modifiable.

Timeshare orders often include provisions concerning holidays and vacations, as well as birthdays and other scenarios such as when the child is sick. Along with timeshare orders are orders concerning transportation, requirements about having licensed drivers, proper car seats and other orders.

There are many ways to obtain assistance through this process. There are self-help clinics, non-profit organizations, private attorneys, tax-payer based family law services, mental health professionals, mediators, arbitrators, parenting coaches, accountants, friends, family, internet resources, books, periodicals, State Bar of California resources, document preparers, school officials, and law enforcement agencies.

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