Settlements are one of the two primary ways for a legal matter to conclude. The other one is by a judgment after trial.

Settlements are the results of agreement arising out of two or more persons’ disagreement and are the results of negotiations which include offers and counter-offers.

All issues in family law may be settled and most family law matters do settle and only a small percentage are ended by a judgment after trial.

Settlements are manifested by written documents called a settlement agreements. Marital settlement agreements are one typical way to resolve family law matters. Stipulations for entry of judgment are another.

There are many ways to obtain assistance through this process. There are self-help clinics, non-profit organizations, private attorneys, tax-payer based family law services, mental health professionals, mediators, arbitrators, parenting coaches, accountants, friends, family, internet resources, books, periodicals, State Bar of California resources, document preparers, school officials, and law enforcement agencies.

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