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I was raised in Southern California in the 60’s and 70’s. My childhood was fairly typical being raised with two older brothers and my parents. After high school, I attended community college and then, University of California at Los Angeles where I studied philosophy. After graduation, I attended Loyola Law School where I studied law. I have been in private practice for twenty five years. I am married, have seven daughters and live in the San Fernando Valley.

I emphasize family law and related matters, including child custody and timeshare, property division, spousal support, child support, domestic violence, business valuation, parentage/paternity, and palimony. I handle a few select litigation matters in state and federal court. I am both a litigation and trial lawyer. Almost all cases have both a settlement and trial track simultaneously.

I am licensed to practice in all courts of the State of California, including all California trial courts, appellate courts and the California Supreme Court, as well as the United States District Court, the United States Bankruptcy Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of United States. Most of my practice is in the County of Los Angeles, and most is within the state courts, although some of my practice extends to other counties throughout the state and into federal court.

I do not normally work through associate attorneys or paralegals. When you hire my firm, usually all legal services by my firm are provided by me personally. However, sometimes a team structure is better for the client including, when applicable, having a forensic accountant, a real estate broker, another attorney who is a specialist in a particular area of law (bankruptcy, corporate, foreign countries, etc.) and in such case, I would make such recommendations.

There are many ways to obtain assistance through this process. There are self-help clinics, non-profit organizations, private attorneys, tax-payer based family law services, mental health professionals, mediators, arbitrators, parenting coaches, accountants, friends, family, internet resources, books, periodicals, State Bar of California resources, document preparers, school officials, and law enforcement agencies.

We are a boutique family law and litigation firm in Sherman Oaks, California serving clients from border to border. We appear in state and federal courts. We appear in trial courts and appellate courts. Should you wish our assistance, please call us. We would be honored to help you.

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